10 best characters in The Boys, ranked

Anyone who notices The Boys probably knowing that the show has a pretty bad view of humanity. The show follows a group of people who fight against superheroes who they know are making the world a worse place. Along the way, we also meet a cast of characters that includes some troubled heroes, and some even more troubled villains.

Overall, though, the hit Amazon Prime Video show does an amazing job of making all of its characters feel like real people, even within a world that’s mostly ridiculous. . These characters stand out from the rest, though, and that’s what earns them their places on this list.

10. The Deep

Contrary to what his name might suggest, The Deep is not a deep or wise character. However, what he is, is one of the funniest characters on the show every time they turn the spotlight on him.

He is a beautiful dummy who does what he is told and always tries to convince himself that he is not as horrible and hollow as he really is. Kalam sucks, but part of why we want to watch her is because she seems clueless.

9. Annie January

Erin Moriarty as Starlight looks angry in a scene from The Boys season 3.

The moral heart at the center of The Seven who finally realizes she has to leave it, Annie’s journey The Boys is in the realization that he must follow his own moral compass at all costs.

Annie is one of the few characters in the The Boys which reminds you that there are some people in this universe who know good from evil. There are lines he just won’t cross, even if some think the ends justify the means.

8. Hughie Campbell

Hughie is our way into this world, and his sudden realization that superheroes aren’t the great people he always believed them to be is a big part of how we learn how awesome each super is. .

What makes Hughie so important to the fabric of the series, however, is that he is always unwilling to confront any kind of absolutism. He knows that not all people are good, not all are super evil, and above all, what everyone really needs to fight for is a better world.

7. Storm front

The Nazi we all love to hate, Stormfront is a great addition to the show’s second season because his ideology doesn’t always align with the way he presents himself. She believes in hateful things, but she’s so beautiful that it’s easy to fall under her spell.

It is her influence that finally leads the Homelander to understand how powerful she is, but she is more than just a factor in the Homelander’s awakening. Stormfront knows how to sell all the horrible things he believes in to the general public.

6. Stan Edgar

Stan Edgar The Boys

A powerless man who understands that superpowers aren’t where the power ends, Stan Edgar always knows how to control people who can tear his neck out without breaking a sweat.

Many characters tried to intimidate the Homelander over the course of the series, but only Stan Edgar found a way to put the character in his place. Influence and wealth are their only powers, and sometimes they even surpass any superhuman powers that other characters in the show have.

5. Black Noir

A completely silent presence that despite being extremely powerful, Black Noir remained an enigma for most of his time in The Boys. By the end of his time on the show, however, we learned that the fully masked version of the character had completely withdrawn into himself.

He sees the world inhabited by colorful cartoon characters, and processes every decision he has to make through them. He was completely trapped, hiding behind a black mask that had long since ceased to hide a complete person behind it.

4. Boy Soldier

Soldier Boy looks into the camera in a promo image for The Boys season 3

Soldier Boy was introduced in part because Homelander needed an adversary, but he turned out to be someone far more interesting than that. Horrible in a completely different way from Homelander, Soldier Boy is actually about old manly values, and he’s willing to do anything for the revenge he feels he owes him.

He makes an uneasy ally for Billy and Hughie, but with his help the two become as close as they need to defeat the Homelander.

3. Billy Butcher

Billy’s backstory, and his rivalry with Homelander, seems a little rote or clich√© on paper, but Karl Urban manages to bring enough specificity to the role that he doesn’t feel like a stereotype. Billy’s sarcasm and wit are the tools he uses to survive, but underneath things, he’s much softer than he looks.

Billy wants to make a better world, but he has no idea how to get there. Billy is a man who has been beaten down by the world but still wants to believe that hope is possible.

2. Kimiko Miyashiro

Kimiko is undoubtedly the most interesting member of the Boys, partly because she is able to communicate a lot through her silence. Like the other Boys, Kimiko is not really a good person, but he is someone who wants a better life than the one he has.

It’s that self-loathing, and the way it manifests in each of her relationships, that makes Kimiko such a compelling person. He may not have the most amazing power set, but that doesn’t make him any less amazing.

1. homeland

Antony Starr as Homelander stands in a room, worried.

Undeniably the most interesting character of The BoysThe Homelander is an insanely powerful sociopath who has no idea how to interact with other people without using his power over them.

In the show’s run so far, Anthony Quinn has found many nooks and crannies within the character that make him feel more different than other portrayals of similar characters on screen. Homeland can get away with anything, and that makes him the kind of kid who can shoot lasers out of his eyes.

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