Apple’s MagSafe battery pack is on sale for $79 right now

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is a handy way to keep your iPhone topped up while you’re on the go, and you can now pick one up for sale. The device has . This isn’t the lowest price we’ve seen for the battery pack – it briefly dropped to $71 at one point. Still, at 20 percent off, that’s a pretty solid deal given that it normally retails for between $85 and $91.


The MagSafe battery pack works with the iPhone 12 lineup as well as newer handsets. It attaches magnetically to your phone for wireless charging, though you’ll need to check if it’s compatible with your case if you’re going to use one. Once you attach the battery pack, it will automatically charge your iPhone. You can see the payment level on your lock screen. Depending on your iPhone model, Apple says the battery pack can boost battery life by up to 70 percent.

For those willing to consider other options, the ArcHybrid Mag from Spiegen is worth a look. This is our pick for the best MagSafe-compatible and it has the same 5000mAh capacity. However, that makes it cheaper than Apple’s own model. We found in our testing that the ArcHybrid Mag can charge an iPhone faster as well.

Meanwhile, Apple’s MagSafe wireless charger is also on sale. . It’s worth noting that this is a Qi-certified charger, so if you have an iPhone 8 or later, you can use it to recharge your device.

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