Best Tea Subscriptions for 2023: Top Tea of ​​the Month Club Picks

Regardless of the time of year, sometimes there is nothing better than staying indoors with a nice warm cup of tea. While you may have a favorite tea, it’s always fun to try new things. To help you find the best monthly tea delivery subscriptions, we’ve included ourselves in the top tea of ​​the month clubs you can join in 2023.

Whether you’re a true tea nerd looking for new or experimental teas or you have your style down to a science, there’s a tea subscription for every kind of slow sipper. It includes monthly deliveries of tea of ​​all types including herbal tea, organic tea, Japanese tea, white tea, matcha, oolong tea, Indian tea and Earl Grey. If you’re new to the tea club game, know that there are subscriptions and tea clubs to suit every taste and budget.

Most tea subscriptions allow you to choose the general type of tea you want. If you don’t like green tea or herbal teas, for example, you can make sure that none of them show up. Others, like the Verdant Tea Club, choose the tea for you and are more suited to an adventurous drinker.

We’ve tested all the tea clubs listed below to see what they do best and help find the best tea subscription you in 2023. The tea subscriptions we’ve picked out below all make great gifts too (just make sure you plug in the recipient’s address and not your own).

Simple Loose Leaf Tea Company

If you have an adventurous tea drinker on your shopping list, this is a loose-leaf tea monthly club gift. My subscription has a lot of teas that make me say “oooh, I wonder what that is” or “I didn’t know you could make tea taste like that.” But most of them work well, including a creme brulee oolong and pumpkin spice black tea.

Subscribers to this loose tea service can choose from mixed tea subscription box, black tea box, green tea box and herbal tea box. A new fresh and fragrant unique tea will be delivered monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly.

Each fresh tea box contains a hand-picked selection of teas (14 grams each) packaged with information about each of the different teas and packaged in resealable bags. The teas vary based on the season and the trendy tastes. You also get disposable cotton tea filters with the first monthly subscription.

Pricing: A subscription for two half-ounce samples starts at $15 a month. It will be $20 for three teas and $25 for four.


Atlas allows you to customize your subscription even more. When signing up for this tea subscription box, you log if you want caffeinated, decaffeinated or a mixture, specify if you want green tea, black tea or a combination. You also choose how many teas you want each month — one or two.

Atlas lives up to its name with elegant teas from some of the best tea producing regions in the world including many in the East such as Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, India and Nepal.

Like the Atlas sibling subscription coffee Club, all of these teas come with matching postcards with information about the tea’s region of origin. I, for one, love that touch and can’t think of a nicer thing to read while I sip the stuff.

The baseline subscription for this service is not a large amount of tea per delivery, so this is a perfect tea club for the average tea drinker or a tea lover with a regular different in the morning but love mixing in a fun new herbal or oolong. each at a time.

Pricing: Subscription for one tea per month (about 15 cups) is $10 and two teas (30 cups) is $14. Signing up is simple and you can cancel at any time.

Art of Tea

Art of Tea has one of the more intense tea clubs to experience every type of tea. To find out your preferences, it starts with you or the tea drinker giving you a nine-question tea profile quiz that collects information such as what time you drink tea, taste and dislike want — and whatever kind of vacations you take (no, I don’t know why).

From there, you choose from five different types of tea subscriptions: decaffeinated, classic, single-origin, explore and pyramid sachet. You can also choose a three-month, six-month and 12-month plan.

Each monthly tea box contains only one type of tea, chosen based on your quiz. I got 4 ounces of hot masala chai in my first box and it was heaven on a cool Sunday afternoon. The algorithm turned out great — at least, so far.

Each month, between 2 and 4 ounces of tea are sent along with information to delve deeper into the vast world of tea. The teas are selected seasonally and you will receive a new fresh tea or flavored tea every month.

Be aware that, depending on your choice of tea club — single-origin, classic, tea bags — Art of Tea sends a different amount of tea but the prices are the same. There is also an extensive store of teas and tea related products if you are not a subscriber.

Pricing: A three-month subscription is $74, six months is $121 and a full year costs $231.

Verdant Tea Club

As if a hot cup of tea doesn’t make you feel good, how about supporting small tea farmers in the process? The Verdant Tea Club operates like a CSA with teas selected each month from a farmer to promote their family’s work.

My first delivery included a toasty oolong, green tea and two rich black teas (all loose leaf) with brewing instructions for each and colorful background information on the small farm. that month.

Pricing: The Verdant Tea Club costs $30 per month and includes anywhere from three to 10 teas of up to 75 grams (about 2.6 ounces). May include hyper-seasonal teas and fresh, limited harvests, too. If you buy three, six or 12 months in advance, the monthly cost is lower.

Republic of Tea

Republic of Tea is an extensive marketplace of teas with a subscription option if you so choose. Sign up for the Tea of ​​the Month Club and you’ll receive 50 bags of new tea every 30 days. You can choose a mixed tea subscription or all your teas in one category such as all black teas, herbal teas, wellness teas and more.

The big difference between this tea subscription service and most other tea subscription boxes is that you can see the full six or 12 months of tea deliveries in advance and decide in advance whether the assortment will be one you are interested in tasting. It also makes the perfect gift subscription because you’ll know which teas are coming but your loved one will be surprised every month.

The tea from Republic of Tea is excellent but be aware that the subscription is a little more clunky and impersonal than others. This is a great gift for the pragmatic tea drinker on your list.

Pricing: Six months of tea club delivery is $109 and the whole year is $190.

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