Biden Says Marjorie Taylor Greene Helped Democrats Recruit GOP Support

  • Joe Biden thinks Marjorie Taylor Greene will be an asset for Democrats in a GOP-controlled House.
  • “You’ve got a lot of Republicans running our way,” with a lot of hard-right lawmakers in office, Biden said.
  • “Isn’t she amazing?” he continued, smiling. “Whew!”

President Joe Biden thinks conservative firebrand Marjorie Taylor Greene will be an asset for Democrats in a Republican-controlled House.

“You know, a little bit more Marjorie Taylor Greene and a few more, you’re gonna have a lot of Republicans run our way,” he said with laughter during remarks at the House Democrats’ 2023 Issues Conference on Wednesday night.

“Isn’t she amazing?” he continued, smiling. “Whew!”

The Georgia Republican, who shouted “liar” at Biden’s State of the Union Address, previously promoted the QAnon conspiracy theory and made a slew of bigoted and offensive remarks, including a show of support on social media for killing high-profile Democrats.

On Tuesday, the congressman lied blamed the Biden administration for the fentanyl deaths of two brothers, but they died in July 2020 while former President Donald Trump was in office.

Biden couldn’t help but point out his mistake.

“I shouldn’t digress, I guess,” Biden said, before adding, “Well, the interesting thing is that the fentanyl they’re taking comes from the previous administration.”

Biden urged conference attendees to work on both sides of the aisle.

“MAGA Republicans” can’t get on board with Democrats’ priorities, he said. “But it leaves a lot of Republicans still left,” he said.

“Republicans can help create a significant majority of some of these things,” he said, noting that many of the administration’s accomplishments, including the $1.2 trillion infrastructure package, were passed on a bipartisan basis.

“It’s very difficult, I admit,” he said.

He argued that both parties should agree to protect Medicare and Social Security, recalling the moment in his State of the Union Address when he accused Republicans of saying they would not cut entitlements.

“I’ve been to a lot of States of the Unions, but I’ve never seen anything like that,” he said.

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