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Like Sylvester Stallone before him, Michael B. Jordan took over the reins of creed franchise. The star sat in the director’s chair for the third installment, which is also an attempt to distance this boxing franchise from itself. stone medicine. Creed III follows Jordan’s Adonis Creed as he is re-introduced to Damian Anderson, a friend from his childhood whose life has taken a very different path than Adonis.

Now that the movie is out, you may be wondering how it ends, and what that ending means for the future of creed franchise. Without further ado, let’s dive in.

Warning: the rest of this post contains spoilers for Creed III.

How did Creed III end?

CREED III | Final Trailer

Most of the first part of the Creed III spent building the long history of the history of Adonis and Damian together. They were friends in a group home before Adonis was taken by his mother, and remained friends until Damian was arrested for a fight in which he and Adonis played a role.

Damian was a boxer before he was locked up, however, and his goal remains to be world champion. Adonis, on the other hand, is retired, and runs his own club of boxers who aren’t too tired. After Damian fights dirty to take out one of Adonis’ fighters and claim the world championship, however, Adonis realizes that he must return to the ring to answer for his past.

After Adonis lost his mother, he returned to training, and the two finally met for a long final battle inside Dodgers Stadium. Ultimately, that fight came down to the 12th and final round, where Adonis landed a body punch that seemed to spell his defeat. Adonis got back to his feet, though, and managed to deliver a body punch followed by two blows to the head to knock Damian out for good and regain the championship belt.

Before that, Creed III makes some interesting stylistic choices, including a lengthy fight sequence where the crowd evaporates, and Damian and Adonis face off in an empty arena. Jordan has talked about how anime has influenced him in his directing choices, and that’s nowhere more clear than in this sequence.

What does this mean for future Creed movies?

Michael B. Jordan sits on the couch with Tessa Thompson in Creed 3.
Eli Ade/MGM

This could be a fitting end to Adonis’ story, as he and Jordan are getting older, and may not be able to keep up in the ring as a result. Adonis ended things on good terms with Damian, however, which means any future installments could include him.

what’s more, Creed III also put the fact that Amara, son of Adonis with Bianca, is very interested in becoming a warrior herself. It is possible that we are preparing for the third generation of boxers, but this time the future will be female. Only time will tell, but given how successful Jordan is at taking over directing duties, we can only hope that he gets more opportunities in that role, either in this franchise or outside of it.

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