Even Slack has a ChatGPT app now

is the latest popular app to embrace as the generative AI buzz continues to sweep the tech industry. OpenAI uses Slack’s development tools and is available today.

The app can draft messages and summarize conversations and threads, according to Slack. If you have installed the ChatGPT app, you can click on the thread menu button and select the “summarize thread” or “draft reply” option. The app will create a summary or answer that only you can see. You can share that information.

Slack says the app can also use AI to provide answers and insights on any project or topic, chatbot-style. This suggests that it can be useful in finding best practices or researching a potential new customer. Slack says the ChatGPT app can access the platform to train its language models.

Meanwhile, Slack’s parent company Salesforce has a generative AI system called Einstein. This includes technology integration, but companies using Salesforce products can tap into other third-party AI models through Einstein as well. As such, Salesforce says its customers “can use natural prompts directly within their Salesforce CRM [customer relationship management tools] to create content that continuously adapts to changing information and customer needs in real time.”

In any case, this is another case of generative AI that is quickly being targeted in more mainstream technology products ahead and more features in . But hey, at least you don’t have to bother thinking of responses to your co-workers’ terrible jokes in Slack DMs.

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