Game designer Shinji Mikami has left the Bethesda studio he founded

One of the most recognizable figures in the game industry is moving from the studio he created. Bethesda has confirmed that Tango Gameworks founder and CEO Shinji Mikami will be leaving his company in the “coming months.” The designer did not give reasons for his departure, or say where he will go next. We’ve reached out to Bethesda and Tango for comment.

Mikami is one of the most influential game developers in his 33-year career. He is known for directing and producing the early Resident Evil games, but also played a key role in other Capcom series such as Devil May Cry, Dino Crisis and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. He had a short stint at PlatinumGames, only to found Tango Gameworks in 2010. His studio enjoyed success with the Evil Within series and Ghostwire: Tokyo. Tango’s latest project is the surprise release of the rhythm brawler Hi-Fi Rush.

Tango was not independent for long. Bethesda had its parent company, ZeniMax, acquire Mikami’s studio in October 2010 after it was in financial trouble. Microsoft bought ZeniMax in 2021.

This does not mean that Tango is in trouble. The Mikami executive produced the company’s three most recent games, and Bethesda says he is a “supportive mentor” to young developers. However, it still costs an industry legend to leave the studio that needs to reflect his vision.

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