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It has been published February 23, 2023

If you’ve had a Marketplace at any time in 2022, or you owe taxes last year, here’s what you need to know when filing your taxes.

  1. Keep your Form 1095-A in a safe place
  2. Make sure your Form 1095-A is correct
    • Make sure your household information, household bills, “income” and monthly payments are correct.
    • If you find an error, contact the Market Call Center. We will send you a modified form to file.
  3. “Reconcile” your correct Form 1095-A
    • Use the information on your correct Form 1095-A to complete Part II of Form 8962 (PDF, 110 KB).
    • Find out more about how to reconcile.
    • If there is a difference between the amount of tax credit you used during the year and the amount you are entitled to receive, it will affect your refund or the amount of taxes you owe.

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