How Agentsync Helps Insurers and Adjusters Manage Paperwork Permit Carrier Requirements

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Although modern insurance tools allow insurance carriers to obtain up-to-date reports on the license of insurance producers and adjusters, many still require paper certificates.

At AgentSync, we are firm believers that requiring paper certificate copies is a thing of the past, for several reasons, not least of which are:

  • A paper permit only confirms that the insurer or adjuster was authorized on X date – at one time.
  • The paper license doesn’t show things like the manufacturer’s violations that have been reported nationally.
  • If a developer doesn’t download and print their first license within a few days of receiving it, some countries charge them to download it again later.
  • Digital tracking options can provide accurate, up-to-date results without paper!
  • Paperwork authorization is a major risk for insurance companies, MGAs, MGUs, and carriers alike.

Why is a printed license a risk to your organization, MGA, MGU, or carrier

The reasons mentioned above should be enough – old data, errors, mislabeled or hidden data all present their risks to varying degrees. But, as we can see, by not verifying the data against a source of truth like the National Insurance Producer Registry, you leave yourself open to actors.

The sad truth is that, while many people work in the insurance industry to fulfill its promise of providing protection to people and businesses, some people work with broken campuses. Whether someone is just trying to hide their intentions or reputation, or if they want to deliberately deceive for nefarious reasons, leaving it all up to the developers to properly enter their information is an opportunity for error and error.

In the best cases, manual processes lead manufacturers to accidents and errors, ranging from wrong addresses or wrongly entered birth dates. In the worst case, they are an opportunity for criminals to hide their past crimes, and, without a process to verify this data, you can be in a long-term relationship with someone who has a history of illegal activities. behavior.

So, if you’re an insurer, agency, MGA, or downstream shareholder whose carrier requires paper approval, here are three tips to help you do it manually.

1. Printing information from the AgentSync database

Carriers can use the manufacturer’s code and pull data from the insurance company’s database. But even though carriers’ tracking systems don’t use such methods, we’ve found that when organizations explain how up-to-date and accurate AgentSync information is, carriers are more likely to allow developers to print a detailed summary of it for use. to confirm. After all, the reason why carriers ask for paper copies is usually to confirm that the manufacturer has a license – but again, this is achieved more accurately with modern information than with a timely photo of the original license.

If your carrier is willing to accept a more straightforward proof of authorization, you or your organization can print your data from AgentSync. By using the “Printable View” button in AgentSync, you can receive a PDF or printed copy of the manufacturer’s license information summary (or changes) to email or send to your carrier if they accept this data as a substitute for a paper certificate. .

2. Download the history image and save the PDF to AgentSync

If your carrier requires a photo copy of the physical license and has not yet accepted approval from AgentSync or other insurance databases, it is best to comply.

All states have some form of paper license that is available for free a few weeks after you get your first license; you may need to apply, or they may send you a paper license in rare cases.

For those who remember to request their free paper insurance certificate, using the AgentSync frontend or controller can be an easy way to keep a copy. Simply upload the PDF to the portal and save it to NIPR’s Attachment Warehouse whenever your organization needs to send it to carriers.

Again, although the data attached daily is more accurate than a standard certificate, some carriers may insist that their internal protocols use paper as a source of verification.

3. Print or download a paper insurance certificate later

If you haven’t kept a PDF copy of your original license (we don’t blame you) and your organization works with a carrier that requires one, you have a few options left with you. States using State Based Services will provide the PDF at no additional cost. Some states may use service providers that charge a fee to obtain your original license.

We have a calculator that uses the method and what you can expect in terms of price here.

Or, if you prefer, you can use the NIPR widget to find the best source for printing or downloading paper for your various state permits.

Encourage insurance carriers to stop requiring paper approvals

Although AgentSync can help your insurance agency, MGA, or MGU shop and verify paper license information, the best practice is to convince insurance carriers across the industry to stop verifying paper licenses.

Paper certificates are a thing of the past. Most state insurance departments no longer issue and post manufacturer or replacement licenses for a reason: There is a better way to do things. Insurers must verify that the manufacturer or adjuster has a valid license. But a paper permit is not the best way to accomplish this task!

To repeat:

  • Paper licensing penalizes manufacturers or converters with licenses in multiple states by requiring them to apply for licenses from multiple state agencies themselves, often at a cost.
  • Paper licensing requires digital storage and processes that often require multiple steps and manual input.
  • A paper permit only confirms the authenticity of the original permit and leaves the carrier exposed if the manufacturer or regulator has acted negligently or dangerously since receiving the permit.
  • The paper’s certification policies do not show any violations that the countries that have reported the manufacturer or converter to the international database.
  • Paper-based licensing results in manual delays, processes that are often flawed, and a slow ramp-up of developers and editors throughout your organization.
  • A paper permit leaves you and your fellow carrier vulnerable to unscrupulous people.

Therefore, although AgentSync can help support paper-based certificate verification, we would not have done that; We are a digital data integration team all the way!

If you’re looking for ways AgentSync can help your organization’s processes, or if you want to know how we can transform carriers from paper, schedule a demo today.

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