LG’s 2023 OLED TV will arrive in late March starting at $1,299

LG has detailed the pricing of its 2023 OLED TVs as they get closer to shipping. The flagship G3 and mainstream C3 (pictured) models are set to arrive in late March, with pre-orders available on March 6th. The C3 starts at $1,299 for a relatively compact 42-inch set, and scales up to $5,299 for the giant 83-inch version. The G3 starts at $2,499 for the 55-inch panel and goes up to $6,499 for the 83-inch edition.

The entry B3 series won’t be ready until April. It starts at $1,699 for a 55-inch TV and tops out at $3,299 for a 77-inch set. LG promises pricing for the wireless M3 and transparent OLED T “at a later date.”

As we mentioned in January, the G3 received its biggest upgrade this year. It provides up to 70 percent brighter picture through a single booster, and the new zero-gap design facilitates wall mounting. It also boasts an a9 Gen 6 processor with improved image rendering and audio processing, including support for harmonizing the output of the built-in speakers of recent LG soundbars.

The C3 shares the benefits of the a9 Gen 6 chip, but otherwise it’s a modest upgrade over last year’s C2. However, it may represent a better value than the B3, especially in the middle “sweet spot” sizes. The $2,499 65-inch C3 costs just $100 more than the equivalent B3 with a worse processor (the a7 Gen 6) — you can also pay a small premium for a set that lasts longer.

Whether or not LG’s roster fares well against the Samsung S95C is unclear. Samsung’s set is slightly brighter than LG’s latest and offers a gaming-friendly 144Hz refresh rate. Only the 77-inch S95C is available at the moment, however, and LG has both Dolby Vision HDR support (Samsung still sticks to HDR10+) as well as a wider variety of sizes and levels of performance.

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