Logitech announced the $599 Trophy G cockpit for the ultimate racing experience

In short: Logitech has partnered with gaming accessory product specialist Playseat on a new racing cockpit for hardcore driving enthusiasts. The Playseat Trophy – Logitech G Edition features an open cockpit design made from lightweight carbon steel complete with anodized aluminum parts. The actual seat uses polyurethane leather and ActiFit material that is said to comfortably conform to your body while helping to dissipate heat generated during long gaming sessions.

The fully adjustable seat can tilt forward or backward and move up or down. A separate built-in mechanism can soften or firm the seat based on the user’s preference. The steering and pedal plates can also be tweaked for optimal positioning. The whole thing measures 140 x 58 x 100 cm (55.12 x 22.83 x 39.37 in), weighs 17 kg (37.48 pounds), and is backed by a two-year limited warranty.

Logitech says the open cockpit design doesn’t restrict body movement, allowing for spirited driving. According to the specs, the recommended weight of the driver is between 44 pounds and 360 pounds.

The chassis is reportedly compatible with all wheels, pedals and consoles/PCs including Logitech’s Pro series racing wheel and racing pedals. Announced back in September, these high-end peripherals are designed with and for pro sim drivers to help create the most realistic and immersive racing experience ever. For those curious, the Pro Racing Wheel will set you back $999 while the pedal kit commands $349. Going all out with Pro wheels, pedals and chassis will set you back nearly $2,000.

Logitech’s latest look is a rebranded version of Playseat’s existing Trophy chair, albeit with a different color scheme. Where the Logitech edition has gray accents, the Playseat offers solid black and red accented variants at the same price point.

The Playseat Trophy – Logitech G Edition is available in the US, Canada and select other markets priced at $599. Logitech hasn’t updated their product page with a buy button as of this writing but based on the wording used in the press release, that should be coming any minute now.

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