Sony releases new PS5 update with Discord integration, 1440p improvements, and more

Sony has released a new PS5 update that includes the much-anticipated Discord integration. Version 7 of the PS5 software is available for all consoles today, allowing PS5 owners to join Discord calls on their console, along with improvements to 1440p resolution, the ability to transfer data between PS5 consoles, and a new option to use your voice to get. clips of your gameplay.

PS5 owners can use the Discord app on mobile or a PC to transfer a Discord call to their console. This is very similar to how Microsoft launched Discord support on Xbox last year, which means you can’t directly access Discord servers on a PS5 without using a mobile device or PC to transfer the call. .

Discord integration is beautiful, though. Once a call is transferred you can see your friends across Xbox, PC, and anywhere in a call and it’s on the PS5 dashboard like a party in a separate app until you end the call . Only voice calls are currently supported, so you won’t be able to see any Discord chat messages or stream your console screen in a Discord call or view other Discord users’ streams.

Discord integration is a great addition for crossplay, allowing PS5 players to chat with Xbox and PC players without having to rely on in-game chat features. Microsoft improved its own Discord integration for Xbox last year, allowing Xbox owners to join voice channels directly from a console without having to use a phone or PC. Hopefully we’ll see what Sony does in the coming months.

PS5 gets VRR support for 1440p resolution.
Image: Sony

The PS5 also gets some improvements to its 1440p mode with this update. Sony says that 1440p has been expanded, with Variable Refresh Rate enabled for 1440p to add smoother visual performance to games. Many HDMI modes and devices are now supported for 1440p, so if your monitor was lost during the initial 1440p rollout it might just work now.

Sony has improved voice command support in this new update. PS5 owners in the US and UK can now say “Hey PlayStation, get that!” to save a video clip of their gameplay. You can even ask for custom time clips with a command like “take the last 5 minutes.”

Sony has also improved the social aspect of the share screen and party chats within the PS5 dashboard, with a new “friends playing” tile so you can see which friends are currently playing . Sony has also made it easier for games to be accessed and data saved on the PS4 on a PS5. A new option has also been added to allow PS5 owners to transfer data and games between PS5 consoles using a local Wi-Fi or LAN connection.

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