The best free FPS games you can play right now

A few years ago, it was hard to find any decent free-to-play games that weren’t MMORPGs, and good free first-person shooter (FPS) games were almost non-existent. The few that are around are usually from less reputable sources and often experience a lot of bugs and connection issues.

With battle royale games offering a benefit to the free-to-play model, however, AAA studios began releasing high-quality, free-to-play FPS games. Games like Warframe laid the way for Apex Legends and Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0.

Today, gamers have almost too many options when it comes to the best free FPS games, with options on Android and iOS as well as Xbox, PC, and PlayStation consoles. We’ve rounded up the best free FPS games so you don’t have to weed through all the options. Each of these games can be found in the game store of your choice on any of the listed platforms.

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