The Kindle Scribe update adds new brushes and better organization

Amazon is adding new features to Kindle Scribe. A new update gives the e-reader / digital notebook new brush types, including a fountain pen, marker and pencil – each with five thickness settings. The new devices respond to different pressures and angles, and you can use them wherever you can write on the device. The update is scheduled to be released today.

The Scribe update also improves notebook organization, now allowing you to create subfolders that you can move in and out of standard folders. After receiving the update, you will see a new “+” option to view a folder; click that to add a subfolder. To move one, tap the three-dot context menu when viewing a folder or subfolder, select “move,” and drop it to its new location.


Finally, the update adds the ability to navigate to specific pages. You can do that by clicking the three-dot menu, choosing “Go to page,” and typing in the page you want.

The Kindle Scribe arrived in November. In Engadget’s review, Cherlynn Low found the large-screen device to have a premium design while providing a natural writing experience that’s better than paper. However, we found the Remarkable 2 to offer slightly better sync and writing software (though the Remarkable is inferior as an e-reader). The Kindle Scribe starts at $370 for 16GB of storage.

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