The latest hi-jacking place to check out in Gauteng

We’ve previously published life-saving information on areas you should avoid to avoid becoming a victim. It’s not the only thing that can ruin your day, cost you money, and put you in trouble. Being the victim of abuse can also be very frustrating.

Recently, it has been reported that human trafficking has increased. In fact, according to our analysis of statistics released by the South African Police Service (SAPS), 231 cases of kidnapping were recorded in Gauteng between April 2022 and May 2022 alone.

Only one month left, guys. 1 month.

Well, this is enough to motivate us to update our previously published list of GP areas to prevent road safety. We don’t want anything to happen to you, your valuables, or your car, so please be careful when passing through these areas. We understand that it cannot always be avoided.

Do NOT go to Gauteng

Here’s a look at places with hi-jacking to avoid in Gauteng (and more updates to avoid in other parts of the country to follow).

A few places with hi-jacking in Pretoria:

  • Jean Avenue from the R28 in Centurion.
  • John Vorster Drive off-ramp of the N1 at Lyttelton.
  • Atterbury Road runs from the N1 to Menlyn.
  • Lynnwood Road off-ramp on the N1.
  • Corner of University Road and Lynnwood Road in Hatfield.
  • Traffic lights on Walker Street in Sunnyside.
  • Nelson Mandela Drive, Duncan Street and Walker Street in Sunnyside.

A few of the most violent places in Johannesburg:

  • William Nicol Drive off the N1 (from Sandton).
  • Jan Smuts Road and William Drive split in Hyde Park.
  • New Road off-ramp in Midrand.
  • the junction of Christiaan de Wet Road and Wilgerrood Road in Roodepoort.
  • On the corner of Old Pretoria Road and 1st Avenue in Alexandra.
  • All traffic lights on Louis Botha Avenue between Alexandra and Hillbrow.
  • Traffic lights in Kyalami Drive.

A few other well-known, well-known SAPS sites:

  • Bekkersdal (road R28 and N12).
  • Carletonville (Blybank Road and Randfontein Road).
  • Fochville (corner N12 and R500).
  • Randfontein (R559, R28, and N14).

The king has your back

As mentioned earlier, there are times when you cannot avoid living in an area known to be at high risk. In that case, rely on these safety tips from the king.

Top tips for trying and avoiding smash-and-grabs:

  • Close it. They can break your windows, but don’t make it easy.
  • Invisible. Put your things away, under the seats and in the boot.
  • Just say no. We mean it to anyone with flyers or pointing at your plates.
  • Be alert when stopping, at intersections, and in heavy traffic.
  • Go around. Do not get out of your car to move an object on the road.
  • Give a difference. Leave two or three spaces between your car and the next one so you have a way out.
  • Slow it down. When you approach a red light at night, take it slowly so that you can walk through it when it turns green without stopping.

And then there is always a turn to us, and our code red service. Code red is an app-based service that will provide you with the nearest equipped response vehicle or emergency assistance ASAP, so if you feel threatened or unsafe, you can simply open our app and press the red button.

If you want to know more about the king’s code red, click here. You can also view our royal car insurance options, by clicking here or you can WhatsApp us on 0860 50 50 50.

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