The Morning After: Scientists have confirmed a fifth layer within the Earth’s core

Destroy middle school geology posters: We have an update. A team at the Australian National University (ANU) found evidence of a new fifth layer on the planet, an iron-nickel alloy ball in the inner core. Scientists found the hidden core by studying seismic waves that travel up to five times across the Earth’s diameter – previous studies only looked at one bounce. Seismic waves probe areas near the center at angles that suggest a different crystal structure at depth.

ANU researchers also believe that the inner core is signs of a major event in Earth’s past that had a “significant” impact on the heart of the planet. As the researchers say The Washington Post, it also helps explain the formation of Earth’s magnetic field. The field plays a major role in supporting life because it protects the Earth from harmful radiation and prevents water from drifting into space.

– Matt Smith

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