The Quest Pro and Quest 2 will get a permanent price cut of up to $500

In context: Meta launched the Quest 2 in late 2020 at a starting price of $299 before inexplicably deciding to raise its price by $100 last year. The Quest Pro was priced at a staggering $1,500 from day 1, making it out of reach for most people. Meta seems to recognize that they are overpriced, announcing price cuts for both units.

Meta has announced significant price cuts on its Quest Pro and Quest 2 headsets. The new MSRPs will begin on Sunday, March 5. Unfortunately, the entry-level 128GB Meta Quest 2 remains at $400. However, the 256 GB model gets its price from $500 to $430, and the Pro costs $999.99 instead of $1,500.

The company says the Quest 2 price drop will help more people experience VR without tethering a headset to their PC or game console. The lower cost for Quest Pro aims to make it available to more business users.

Meta’s move to lower the prices of its VR headsets comes just six months after the company raised the 256GB Quest 2 from $400 to $500 and the 128GB from $300 to $400. At that time, the company said that the increase needed to help it continue to “invest in moving the VR industry forward for the long term.”

Meta Quest Pro launched in October for a whopping $1,500. However, unlike Quest 2, it is aimed at professionals and businesses rather than gamers. Its use case is to enable business users to visualize 3D models of products, create virtual workspaces, and collaborate with remote coworkers effectively. It’s also compatible with Quest 2 applications and games, meaning customers can still use it as a high-end gaming headset.

The new prices should entice some VR enthusiasts to pull the trigger and pick up a new Quest headset, which is likely the Meta’s motivation. That said, the Quest 2 is often available at decent discounts during shopping periods, although permanent price drops mean users can purchase it at a reasonable price all year round. .

The Quest Pro’s price drop just months after its launch is a surprise, but it’s likely to help clear inventory ahead of Apple’s rumored XR headset debut later this year. In addition, it sets a price that is 66 percent lower than Cupertino’s rumored price of $3,000.

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