The upcoming MacBook Air, including a new 15-inch model, is said to feature an 8-core M3 chip

Recap: We are now firmly rooted in 2023, and the Apple rumor mill has gone into overdrive. In January, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman shared insider information about Cupertino’s Mac plans recently added to 9to5Mac.

According to the publication’s sources, Apple is working on new 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Air models powered by its own M3 chip. The laptops can only be configured with the standard eight-core M3 chip, not more powerful Pro variants with higher core counts or faster clock speeds.

Either way, sources are confident that Apple will skip the M2 for its iMac line and move directly to upgraded models featuring the M3. A new entry-level MacBook Pro, codenamed J504, is also said to be in the works.

Apple’s M3 comes with a 3nm manufacturing process compared to the advanced 5nm node used in the M2 family. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), Apple’s supplier for the M3, previously said its 3nm tech would deliver up to 15 percent speed improvements and up to 30 percent better power efficiency in the same that speed compared to 5nm N5 technology.

When can you get your hands on M3-equipped Macs, you ask? That’s the $64,000 question.

Early rumblings suggest that the new MacBook Air could be unveiled in the spring, perhaps at Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference. Last year, Apple used the event to serve as a launching pad for updated MacBook Air and MacBook Pro models based on its new M2 chip. It wouldn’t be too surprising to see Apple repeat the show and have the M3 break cover at WWDC this year.

Some believe that new hardware may arrive sooner. Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSSC) CEO Ross Young recently Prove his belief that a 15-inch MacBook Air will launch a month ahead of WWDC, in April. Maybe pre-orders open in April before a June shipping window? Only time will tell.

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