The YouTubers’ 43-inch gaming laptop is powered by an Intel NUC

More than big: Laptops come in a variety of shapes and sizes with many falling into the Goldilocks range of usability – that is, they pack screens that measure somewhere between 11 inches and 16 inches. diagonal. Sure, you can go bigger – the Acer Predator 21 X has a massive 21-inch curved ultrawide panel…

The YouTube duo of Evan and Katelyn recently did just that with a custom built “laptop” built around a 43-inch display. They started by building a frame to hold the Samsung television then added the internals – an Intel NUC 11 mini desktop, a pair of portable power station batteries, and LED strip hardware – to the keyboard tray and it is topped with a large mechanical gaming keyboard.

The Intel NUC 11 is powered by a Core i7-1165G7 with Nvidia RTX 2060 graphics. As a barebones system, you are left to provide your own memory, storage and operating system.

Compared to other custom hardware builds we’ve profiled, this one isn’t super technical. Apart from creating a solution to switch between battery and wall power, the hardware is the only one that works. This gave them more time to spruce up the chassis with LED light strips and a resin-filled carving on the back.

The end result is, well, exactly what you’d expect – a very large and unwieldy laptop that weighs almost 100 pounds. I wish they had given the weight of the chassis itself because I suspect it probably accounts for at least half of the total weight.

The duo also didn’t outline the total cost of the project but a quick check on Amazon for key components put the cost at under $1,800, and that doesn’t include wood for the chassis, resin, LED strips or any tools.

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