These Loving Bald Eagles Are Relationship Goals

Find someone who can fly slowly and help you carry a large stick.

the The US Fish and Wildlife Service tweeted a video Thursday showing two resident eagles working together to build a nest at the National Conservation Training Center in West Virginia. NCTC provides education and training for natural resource managers. The eagle couple lives in the yard (high from them).

The clip shows one of the eagles arriving at the nest with a long branch followed by a sweet cooperative sequence as the eagles place the stick in the nest using a joint grip of their beaks. “This bald eagle family needs you to stop scrolling and watch as they perform their branch manager duties,” the USFWS teased.

According to the USFWS, bald eagles mate for life. The NCTC pair are known as Bella and Smitty. They have two eggs this time and the couple takes turns incubating them.

If you’ve never seen a bald eagle nest in person, it can be difficult to know how big it is. Eagles often use ambitiously large branches during construction. The largest bald eagle nest ever recorded reached 10 feet (3 meters) and weighed more than 2 tons. That means Bella and Smitty have less room to expand their home.

If you enjoyed this moment with the eagles in bloom, you can follow their future exploits via the EagleCam livestream hosted by the Outdoor Channel in partnership with the USFWS and the Friends of the National Conservation Training Center. There has been some drama lately with an eagle interloper troubling the established couple. As far as scintillating looks go, it’s better than The Kardashians.

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