These Lucid over-the-counter hearing aids are $200 off

Do your friends or family members seem to be gossiping more often than they used to? Do the same people get angry when you repeatedly ask them to repeat themselves? You may be a candidate for a hearing aid. New FDA OTC hearing aid rules took effect in October that require retailers to sell hearing aids without a prescription for people with mild to moderate hearing loss. Crutchfield has a deal on the Lucid Hearing Engage FDA-registered rechargeable behind-the-ear style hearing aid for $800, a $200 discount from the $1,000 list price. If you’re wondering how to buy over-the-counter hearing aids, Lucid Audio’s free online hearing evaluation, and Crutchfield’s 60-day money-back guarantee return policy for a risk-free way to see if OTC hearing aids can help you understand what. others say again.

Why you should buy Lucid Hearing Engage OTC hearing aid

The Lucid Hearing Engage hearing aid can run for up to 20 hours per charge, according to Crutchfield. It comes with a portable charging case that protects the hearing aids when you’re not wearing them and can recharge the aids three times using the battery in the case. Recharging the Engage aids in about two hours, and fully charging the portable case takes about four hours. The aids also come with cleaning tools and nine pairs of silicone ear tips in different styles and sizes to find out which combination fits and helps you hear best. .

Lucid Hearing Engage hearing aids are not simple amplifiers that amplify all sounds. In addition to the free hearing evaluation on the Lucid website, you can choose any of four presets, from soft to loud, to boost different audio frequency ranges. You can also adjust the overall volume, ambient noise level, and adjust the frequency level amplification to suit your needs. For example, you adjust Lucid Hearing Engage aids using the iPhone app via a Bluetooth wireless connection. As with all the best over-the-counter hearing aids, you can also use Lucent Engage aids for phone calls and streaming audio, saving you the need to carry different devices for different needs. in audio. Lucid help is available in beige, gray, and black.

You should still see an audiologist if you have severe to profound hearing loss but start by taking Lucid Audio’s online assessment. If you have a mild to moderate hearing loss, Lucid’s hearing aids can improve your hearing. At Crutchfield’s sale, you can buy a pair of Lucid Hearing Engage OTC hearing aids for $800, with free shipping. Save your hearing and $200 off the normal $1,000 price with this limited time deal.

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