Things you should always have in your car

Remember when the phone holder (so you can keep both hands on the steering wheel) was all the rage? Well, there are also many things that make life easier when you are in the car now. And we’re not ashamed to say that we’ve fully embraced the automotive industry!

What do you think about these things? What would be at the top of your list? By the way, we checked the internet and everything on this list can be purchased from a few reputable sites, including (at press time).

Here is our list of things you should put in your car today

Steering wheel tray

Don’t want to sit at your desk and eat lunch? Now you can eat in your car. It is also good to set up your laptop or a book if you have some free time. FYI, this can only be used when it is disabled (safety first, by default).

Additional car accessories

The kind that gives you places to drink *and* have snacks while you drive. Don’t put your food on your lap or dig around and take your eyes off the road.

Car snakes

Keep your bags and jackets on the floor, rolling in crumbs and dust, throwing things to waste under the seats.

Heated seat cushion

Your car doesn’t come with heated seats? Now you can enjoy a more comfortable ride in the colder months. Granted, this is worth 1, but hey. A cold bird wants what a cold bird wants.

Hand vacuum

Say cheers to crumbs and dust with a device you can keep in your car and easily use to remove clutter.

Car seat repairer

These are all game changers, with pockets to hold your tablet, cups, snacks, toys, or anything else you might need while driving.

Heat the ice scraper

In South Africa, this may not seem necessary, but in fact some regions are very cold and being able to fit an ice scraper in the cigarette lighter means you can save time and effort in removing ice.

Console side pocket

This will not only close the annoying gap between your seat and the center console, but it will turn it into a useful place that you can use to set up your phone and save money.

Keychain car survival tool

This is a clever design that you can use to cut seat belts and break car windows in the event of an accident.

Smart car diffuser

The smell is felt when you are driving and stopped when you stop, so it does not fill your car with smell. Some options allow you to choose the power.

The inclusion of a muscle visor

Now you’ll have easy (and unapproachable) access to running noses.

Reusable silicone sheets

Throw it in your glove box so it’s ready for when you pass another car and you don’t want to find a disposable straw. For the world, you know.

Cleaning putty

Now you can clean the little things with the little things and say cheers to the dusty places and other dark but small places.

Memory foam seat cushion

Add extra protection between your awesome back and uncomfortable car seats. Great to have on a road trip.

Car baby monitor

No more squinting in the mirror or straining your neck to see if your child is in the car seat.

Waterproof car container

Avoid piles of wrappers, juice boxes, and other trash from piling up in the back. Us

Kick the mat

Keep the back of your furniture looking new, no matter how many times your child kicks it on the way home.

The king’s armor

The last item on our list should be the king’s car insurance. You can find our affordable life insurance that is easy on the wallet and covers a wide range of risks.

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