Uber has added new directions and walking ETAs to help you navigate the airport

It’s been years without Uber holding our hands from the gate to the baggage claim area, out the door, and to an Uber pickup location where a normally The reserved Uber X ride was waiting for us. Now the company makes everything possible: providing users with complete walking instructions – complete with photos – for different airports, updated ETA times that include walking to baggage claim , and expanding Uber Reserve options to include booking rides up to 90 days in advance.

“You can not only get to and from the airport, but also get through it with less stress,” Uber’s head of product for rides, Jen You, said in a press release. Step-by-step directions from gate to baggage claim Uber pickup operates at 30 airports worldwide — including ATL, BWI, ORD, LAX, MIA, EWR, JFK, SFO, IAD , DEL, and MAD. The company will expand it to more airports in the coming months.

Uber Reserve lets you set a pickup time from the airport and gives you enough time to get there or lets you cancel it up to an hour in advance.
Image: Uber

In addition to the new detailed directions, Uber will begin calculating walking ETAs soon at more than 400 airports to estimate the time it takes to get from the gate to baggage claim. This will help users not worry about when to call an Uber and prevent drivers from waiting too long.

Uber’s Reserve service is now being expanded to most of the US and Canada, and the company is rolling out the ability to lock rides from the previous 60-day maximum to 90 days. This will include additional waiting time to get to the car and allows cancellation without charge up to 60 minutes in advance.

Uber Reserve lets you choose from any ride, from UberX to Comfort Electric to Uber Black SUV. New York City customers landing at JFK previously could only reserve Black and Black SUVs but now have access to UberX, XL, and Comfort.

Finally, business class customers will soon get access to Uber’s exclusive Business Comfort in select cities. And if you’re hungry from all the hustle and bustle of airport life, there’s a line-skipping Uber Eats service available at Tampa International, Charlotte Douglas International, Columbus International, and Toronto Pearson airports.

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