What is Share Focus Status? Adjust iPhone focus for work, driving.

Have you ever seen a small message at the bottom of your iMessage chat saying that your contact has “muted notifications?” This is the focus status, and they use Apple’s updated Do Not Disturb function for iOS 15 and later.

iPhones can often be distracting in situations like driving, but the focus status is a safety improvement that prevents texting while behind the wheel. Whether you’re looking for better safety features or a way to limit screen time during work, here’s how you can use and customize focus status.

What is Share Focus Status?

“Share Focus Status” is a function on Apple devices that lets people know you’ve muted your notifications when they’re messaging you.

Here’s how to share your focus status:

  • Go to settings, then Focus
  • Select “Focus Mode”
  • Switch “Share Focus Status” on

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