What is tire alignment, and why is it important?

Think about what happened. You are driving a car at high speed, and suddenly you feel that your steering wheel is shaking. It’s very scary, because you’re not sure what’s going on. Is your steering wheel about to explode? Is it an engine?

Basically, what may have happened is that your tires are not in good shape. In technical terms, your tires are no longer rolling well around the wheel. And it’s something you should think about seriously.

Here’s what you need to know about sorting tires.

How tire mismatch occurs

This is usually due to uneven wear, which is caused by your movements. Basically, the grooves and ribs on a tire wear out at different rates depending on how hard (and how often) you hit the brakes, how fast you turn, and more.

Over time, you will be driving a wheel or wheels that are no longer spinning evenly.

How to determine the unevenness of your tires

Wondering if your tires need to be replaced? Aside from the fact that you should do it once a year, there are a few things that can set off alarm bells.

  • A wobbly or ‘bending’ steering wheel (especially at high speeds).
  • Your car pulls left and right.
  • Dump tires.
  • Reduced driving at speeds between 80 – 120 km/h.
  • Your car feels like it is ‘shaking’.
  • Tire contact with the road is reduced.
  • A strange sound, like a hum that is heard very loudly.

Don’t delay

To be honest, leveling tires is not common at all. But when it comes, you need to fix it with the right support. During the meeting, the tire experts will notice the imbalance of the weight of the tire and the rings together around the axles. Then he can fix this.

If you ignore this issue, the chassis is placed differently and will be damaged.

Do you know what it takes to fix a chassis? More information. What a lot. That’s why it’s important to ignore any of the warning signs we’ve shown above and go for regular check-ups.

It will not only increase your driving comfort and extend the service life of your tires, but it can also help you avoid costly consequences.

There are 2 ways to fix it

In case you’re wondering, there are two ways to correct an unbalanced tire.

Tire technicians can use special tools to lock the wheel on the steering wheel and keep it moving so that their sensors can check the profile of the tire and the rim for any irregularities. If an imbalance is detected, small weights are attached to the edge of the special dots to keep the wheel running smoothly.

Alternatively, tire experts use the power steering, which is when the wheel is attached to the vehicle during the test. This also allows any faults in the wheel bearing, brake drum and disc brake to be detected.

Good cover

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