Playdate’s Catalog games store is live now

Since Panic’s Playdate began, the handheld has offered two ways for players to install games. To begin with, the device has a seasonal line of free titles. It will automatically be added to your Playdate library at a cadence of two per week for 12 weeks, for a total of 24 games during . It is also possible to sideload games purchased through marketplaces such as . Now, Panic is adding a third way to download software for your Playdate in the form of , a curated storefront of Playdate content.

At launch, there are 16 games to be found in the Catalog. You can view the storefront of your Playdate and the . Eleven of the titles are new, and there seem to be some good qualities on the list. In particular, looks like a standout. It’s an arcade racing game where your job is to spin the pedals of your bike by turning Playdate’s signature crank. There is more strategy involved than you might think, as you need to manage your rider’s energy level. Another interesting title comes in form , a game where you use Playdate’s crank to perform snowboarding tricks. At most, you can expect to pay up to $15 for a game from the storefront.

In fact, Panic increases the price of Playdate. Effective April 7, the handheld will cost $199, a $20 increase from its current $179 price. The company blamed the price hike on rising production costs. “Our manufacturing partner just gave us the news that the cost of building a Playdate will go up,” Panic. “And because of our tight margins, we’re at the point where we have to adjust Playdate’s pricing.” Panic added that it is giving customers a month’s notice of the price increase to soften the blow from the move. “We don’t take it for granted: we always want Playdate to be as affordable as possible.”

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