Podcasts are coming to YouTube Music

works on podcasts. YouTube proper hosts video versions of many podcasts, some of which accumulate hundreds of thousands or even millions of views per episode. The audio service hasn’t ventured into podcast territory yet, but that’s about to change, YouTube podcast chief Kai Chuk announced at the Hot Pod Summit on Thursday.

“We will soon begin bringing audio and video-first podcasts to YouTube Music for US users, making podcasts more discoverable and accessible, with more regions to come,” a a YouTube spokesperson told Engadget. “This will help make the podcasts that YouTube users already love, available everywhere they want to listen.”

Podcast creation tools are coming to YouTube Studio and, later this year, it will be possible for creators to add audio podcasts to YouTube via RSS feeds. “Podcast playlists will be eligible for current and future YouTube podcast features, such as eligibility for youtube.com/podcasts, podcast badging and inclusion in the YouTube Music app,” the spokesperson said.

Background listening to the podcast can be used for free, according to . However, there are ads unless you subscribe to YouTube Music. Users will also be able to switch between video and audio versions of podcast episodes.

At least for now, it’s not like YouTube plans to follow suit and by having exclusive and/or original podcasts. Whether YouTube Music can make a dent in Spotify and Apple’s market share remains to be seen, but by combining audio and video podcasts and taking advantage of YouTube’s massive reach, it can certainly make a game for the audience’s attention.

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